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‘These features not only create positive attitudes towards learning amongst pupils, but ensure good progress from Reception onwards, leading to good academic achievement.

Pupils enjoy school a great deal, learning is well supported by their good behaviour and above average attendance, and they are always attentive and motivated in lessons’. Ofsted Report 2010

Who are OFSTED?

Ofsted is the inspectorate for children and learners in England. It is our job to contribute to the provision of better education and care through effective inspection and regulation.

We achieve this through a comprehensive system of inspection and regulation covering childcare, schools, colleges, children's services, teacher training and youth work. Each week, we carry out hundreds of inspections and regulatory visits, helping professionals in education and childcare make a difference to the lives of children and young people.

We are a non-ministerial government department accountable to Parliament. Our independence means you can rely on us for impartial information about the quality of education and care. (Ofsted).